Critical Reflection

For my final project, I decided to make a website for my mom’s real estate business. She has been working as a real estate appraiser for since I was a little girl and then also decided to get her real estate agent license when I was in high school. She currently works for Keller Williams and is working on expanding her business. After taking a look at the site that Keller Williams provides her, I knew that through this project I would be able to help her out and make her something that was more personal and appealing to local clients. Additionally, I thought that this would be a great way to combine both of her businesses into one easily accessible interface for her clients as well as for her organizational sake.

I used WordPress to create her website because I felt that after the initial layout setup, adding listings and keeping up with any other functions that she would like to add would be easier to manage than an html website. She wanted her own domain so I purchased for her. Most of the free real estate themes on WordPress are fairly bare so it was definitely a large undertaking to make sure that my mom’s website looked how she wanted while also having proper functionality and easy interactive features for the clients that visit her site.

With the home page, I wanted to achieve an almost call to action sort of feel, so I made a featured page that gives visitors a small idea of who she is and why this site exists. I coded the “learn more” button on the welcome page to redirect the client to the about page where they can then find a further in-depth description of my mom and what her business is about. Underneath the welcome box, I included a featured posts square shadow box feature that will quickly display the address and image of the most recent listings so that those visiting the website can easily see properties that are available at the time. With this feature, there is a box with a button that says, “view all” which I intend to link to go to the listings page, however, this is the part of my project that I have had the most trouble with. In the customize section on WordPress where I set up this feature, there are only spaces to add what posts you would like to include in this section. There is no option to choose where you would like to link the button as shown below.

I then tried to see if I could add custom css to solve the issue, so I copied the code and added href to the location that I wanted the button to lead to, however that resulted in even more errors.

While inspecting the code I realized that the function of span is a JavaScript function and that I would need to edit the js instead of the css, so I then went to the theme editor section of the WordPress panel so try and see if I had the option to edit the code here.

This only brought up more issues because I realized that the theme was coded in php which I do not know, so as of right now this button isn’t functional. I will be asking Leah (you) how to fix this, but for the sake of my critical reflection, this is by far the part that I had the hardest time with.

The rest of my project was pretty straight forward. The listings tab was just created using a blog post function so that all the latest posts (listings) will appear here as I post them. The Real Estate Services and Appraisal Services tabs were also straight forward. I simple embed a contact form into the page and then edited the look of the page to be more appealing and informational by adding some text and photos.

The final thing I did was link her social media through buttons that I added to the header so that those visiting her website will be able to easily access all of her other channels of communication. I will continue to manage my mom’s website and help her grow her business through this channel of organizing all of her stuff into one easy, functional and aesthetically pleasing interface. As her business grows, hopefully so will my skills so that I will continue to make the site more complex and build off of the foundation that I have created as of now.